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The use of prescribed orthoses can help to control the way in which the foot and therefore legs function and thus reduce discomfort.

Although podiatry still focuses on the traditional methods of relief, biomechanics is the very latest in preventative cures. Much of our foot pain comes from incorrect walking, and biomechanics seeks to remedy this. Podiatric biomechanics involves a complex evaluation of the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs whilst standing, walking and non-weight bearing. The information gained from a biomechanical assessment forms the basis for a rehabilitation programme, or if the problem is mechanical, an orthotic will be prescribed.

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What we offer:

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Gait assessments

If you're suffering from pain when walking, or cracked heels, then we can provide a risk-free gait assessment (up to 1 1/4 hours) to analyse the way you walk and see whether we can help.

Treatment tailored to you

Once we've identified the problem, Humberstone Foot Clinic will create a course of treatment designed specifically for your needs. This may include stretches and exercises, but also orthoses (special devices to improve gait) and specialist referrals.


Pain in the body is a way of warning you that something is wrong or mal aligned in your body. If you ignore your pain, the condition causing it could become worse. Your practitioner will advise you of what you need to do to eliminate the pain and may prescribe orthotics for you.

Orthotics is custom-made foot insoles (a type of arch support) made from a cast of your feet which are worn inside everyday shoes and are able to be transferred from shoe to shoe.

Orthotics enable the feet to be held in a more stable position during walking and standing which helps control poor foot function by allowing only certain movements to take place at specific times.

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